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About DanPilot


The pilots of DanPilot are easily recognized by the crown adorning the uniform, symbolizing that DanPilot is the pilot service of the Danish state. All our pilots are approved and certified by the Danish Maritime Authority and all possess a solid background from the merchant marine.

Prior to acceptance into being pilots at DanPilot they complete a thorough training programme, finalized by the exam as a pilot. Three years is the minimum to become certified to pilot vessels with the maximum draught passing Danish territorial waters. The Danish waters are sectioned into areas with separate certificates with recurring renewals. This is your guarantee that the pilot given your task always possesses the most recent knowledge and is updated on local conditions.

The pilots are always equipped with updated electronic charts and the proper aids to ensure the best possible guidance. The pilots are online during the operation and can receive information from local authorities and DanPilot’s service centre (manned 24 hours a day) on navigational warnings and any other factor that might influence the safe passage.

Once the pilot embarks the vessel the operation is planned in cooperation with the crew of the vessel so all demands and expectations by the customer are fulfilled, while simultaneously choosing the safest and most optimal route. The pilot can also offer advice in case alternative shorter or safer routes exist.

With a pilot from DanPilot you have the highest professional pilotage competence in Denmark on the bridge and we are all proud to deliver on our promise to our customers:


Your time...

is as important to us as it is to you! In DanPilot we have great respect for our customers need for pilotage on time. With more than 160 pilots and our national stand-by preparedness DanPilot can deliver the most qualified candidate - on time - always. Every pilot is certified for a specific area providing you with the needed local knowhow for a smooth and efficient operation.

Our pilot stations are strategically placed across the country and with a fleet of 32 pilot boats DanPilot are prepared for any given situation. In DanPilot the order handling and operations department are combined in one efficient unit and is your single point of contact from the initial ordering until the pilot embarks your vessel.

Your safety...

is our main concern! The knowledge and experience obtained by performing more than 20.000 yearly operations ensures you the safest passage of the Danish National Waters. Every pilot in DanPilot have a solid experience at sea and are
certified by the Danish Maritime Authority. Before they can perform pilotage under the DanPilot trade mark - the Royal Crown - they must graduate from our extensive training programme. The strict rest hour regulations in DanPilot is your ensurance that our
pilots always arrive well rested and fit for the operation. DanPilot is ISO 9001 certified as a documentation of our consistently high performance and safety standards.





Safe and efficient operations

DanPilot’s boat service consists of 34 specialized pilot boats distributed around the entire country.  This way we are fast and efficient in delivering a pilot to all pilot marks in Danish waters. The pilot boats are operated by an elite crew of 90 skippers with plenty of practice who safely deliver the pilot to the vessels and pick them up again.

All the skippers have the experience it takes to lay the pilot boat gently alongside your vessel in all weather conditions – always with safety and efficiency as our prime concern. Before the pilot embarks or disembarks the skipper communicates with the captain of your vessel so there will be no doubts or questions regarding the pending operation.

The Danish Maritime Authority performs ongoing survey of all DanPilot’s pilot boats, ensuring our fleet is fully functional for crew and customers. This is your guarantee that DanPilot will always deliver a pilot – in all weather conditions!



The narrow Danish waters are amongst the most densely trafficked waters in the world and at the same time also the passage to and from the Baltic Sea. With our comprehensive organization and national coverage DanPilot is your single point of contact for any type of pilotage service in Danish waters.

Our pilots

All pilots employed by DanPilot are experienced seafarers, and subject to extensive training and education both prior to, and after, pilot certification. We proudly wear the crown on our uniform, demonstrating decades of experience in delivering the highest quality of service to all our customers, both in Transit and in Ports.

Terms and Conditions

DanPilot is an independent public enterprise founded and governed by the act on DanPilot and owned by the Danish state. DanPilot’s pilotage services are laid down and governed by DanPilot’s terms and conditions


ISO 9001:2015 Certification


DanPilot's quality management system is in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 in all of our activities. The high quality of our services is ensured by our efficient quality assurance systems and quality control carried out by highly experienced professionals.

DanPilot is ISO 9001:2015 certified by DNV-GL. The certificate can be found here: