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Greenland Pilotage


DanPilot Greenland performs all types of pilotages in Greenland waters:


  • Transit pilotage

  • Harbour pilotage

  • Project pilotage i.e., mining


Our pilots:

  • are certified by the Danish Maritime Authorities and possess valid Certificates of proficiency in advanced training for service on vessels operating in polar waters.

  • possess the local knowledge and experience to guide your vessels safely through your planned voyage in Greenland waters.


Our services include:

  • embarkation of licensed pilots during voyages in Greenland waters ensuring the vessel complies with the Danish order no. 1697 “Order for Greenland on the safe navigation, etc. of ships” section 7 & 11 and the IMO Polar Code chapter 12.3 

  • that the pilots will receive all available material pertaining to the vessel's planned voyage, related to the ice and weather situation, for the duration of the voyage inside Greenland waters (EEZ).

  • operational support leading up to and during the voyage in Greenland waters; covering route guidance, continuous assessment of ice and weather conditions, Risk Assessment and Risk mitigation measures in the arctic area.

Rules & Regulations

Is pilotage compulsory or customary when entering Greenland waters? Click here for an overview of the numerous rules and regulations which make up the requirements for use of a pilot when navigating Greenland territorial waters.

How to order pilotage

When ordering a pilot, you must provide DanPilot Greenland with certain required information in order to ensure that we are able to meet your expectations for a timely and professional pilotage service.