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Ship-to-Ship Pilotage


Moving thousands of tonnes of cargo from one ship to another while at sea is no small feat. In addition to a capable and efficient crew onboard both vessels, such operation requires extensive experience and local knowledge, as well as the ability to coordinate with assisting tugs, Mooring Masters and authorities – all of which play a crucial role in the smooth, efficient and safe operation.

This is the reason why DanPilot is onboard every time an STS operation is conducted.

All our STS Pilots are experts in their field of work, specifically educated and certified and are subject to a strict training regime to ensure that all STS operations in Danish waters are conducted in a safe and professional manner.

STS operations are conducted at a few select locations only, selected by the Danish Maritime Authority.

At any time, designated STS Pilots are on duty at DanPilot to ensure that we are always present and able to advice the Master of the vessel and the involved parties regarding anchorage and weather conditions to ensure a safe and efficient operation.

Rules & Regulations

When performing Ship-to-Ship (STS) operations in Danish territorial waters, specific regulations for the mandatory use of pilot is in force. These regulations are set forth to ensure optimal safety for the vessel, crew and cargo, and to safeguard the sensitive environment of the sea

Rate Calculator

Visit our Rate Calculator for a precise overview of the costs for employing a pilot for your needs. Our Rate Calculator is always up-to-date with the latest prices, enabling you to obtain a quick quote for your pilotage needs

How to order pilotage

When ordering a pilot, you must provide DanPilot with certain required information in order to ensure that we are able to meet your expectations for a timely and professional pilotage service. Here you will find an easy overview of how to order a pilot and which information is necessary to provide