Ship-to-Ship Pilotage

Rules & Regulations

Ship-to-Ship Pilotage - Rules and Regulations


Ship-to-Ship (STS) operations in Danish waters and at Danish anchorages are subject to the requirement for mandatory use of pilot.

This requirement is set forth in the Executive Order 449 of May 10th 2012, section 2 subsection 2 which dictates that a vessel is to reload cargo to or from another ship in Danish territorial waters has an obligation to take a pilot.

Ship-to-Ship operations are primarily conducted at two locations in Denmark, which are both approved by the Danish Authorities for performing STS operations safely.

These two locations are;

  1. Off Frederikshavn
  2. Off Kalundborg

For the specific locations, please contact DanPilot Operations – we are happy to help. Alternatively, you may seek the assistance of one of the many professional agents in Denmark able to offer coordination of STS services.