Price for special operations

Tow and Special Operations 


Performing pilotage of vessels that are not self-propelled (e.g. tow of barge, dead ships, drilling rigs etc.) are considered to be special operations.


Please note that any such operation is subject to special pricing, depending on the circumstances of the pilotage.


In order to obtain a formal quotation for your operation, please contact Customer Relations at


Service trips and crew changes with the pilot boat


DanPilot offer service trips and crew changes in connection with pilotages.


Please contact us in order to request a service trip or crew change or ask for more information and prices at or


The request should contain the following:

Nature of service trip:

  • Parcels: Size of parcel and content (Maximum 15kg)
  • Crew change: Number of on- / offsigners

 As well as:

  1. vessel name, call sign and IMO number
  2. ETA at the position where the service tripmust be performed
  3. contact details
  4. payers details 


Transportation of person(s) to and from vessels by DanPilot, is conducted under strict adherence to the governing regulations set forth in the applicable legislation. When transporting individuals from countries which require official permission to enter the state of Denmark, e.g. visa or other forms of approval from the relevant authorities, it is the full responsibility of the vessel, or the representative of the vessel, to ensure that all necessary approvals are obtained from the relevant authorities, no later than upon ordering the transportation of such individual(s). DanPilot does not provide assistance in obtaining the necessary approvals or documents, and will only transport individuals legally permitted to enter the state of Denmark, and only the specific port stated on the approval(s) from the relevant authorities.