Your Time, Your Safety - Our Commitment

Welcome to the Danish waters!


Amongst the most densely trafficked waters in the world, subject to low and variable draughts, significant currents and crossing ferries, the narrow Danish waters pose a real navigational challenge to even the most experienced bridge team.

This is the reason behind the official IMO Recommendation (click here) and for the widespread customary use of pilots when navigating to/from the Baltic Sea even for vessels not officially included in the IMO Recommendation.

Having the right pilots with the right certificates are key to DanPilot’s performance. On a yearly basis DanPilot performs approximately 20,000 pilotages, and hence our experience is second to none.

Our training programme and quality control guarantee a well-educated and certified pilot for any given task.

Through the menu above, please find further information of the various types of pilotage services offered by DanPilot, such as Port Pilotage, Transit Pilotage, Ship-to-Ship and Tow/Special Operations.

We look forward to serve you 24/7/365 with strict focus on our promise to our customers;


Your Time, Your Safety - Our Commitment

The Danish Pilotage Act

Which demands are set to pilots and pilotage service providers?

The main objective of the pilot is to ensure that the vessels arrive safely, so accidents and pollution are prevented. This sets demands on the education and training of the pilots, including knowledge of local sea conditions. Thus specific demands are set regarding the education of pilots.

These demands are found partly in the Pilotage Act and partly in the Order on Issuing of Pilot Certificate and Pilotage Exemption Certificate.

The task of piloting and the demands regulating pilotage service providers are found partly in the Pilotage Act and partly in the Order on Pilotage Service Providers and the Obligations of Pilots.


Regulation of DanPilot

DanPilot is the governmental pilotage service provider. The "Act on DanPilot" was passed by the Danish Parliament in May 2013, which will transform the pilotage service provider to an independent public enterprise with its own Board of Directors and independent economy.

As a state organization DanPilot is a part of the public administration but after the transition DanPilot will no longer be a part of the regular administrative hierarchy of the state.

The specific regulation of DanPilot is set out in the Act on DanPilot. As other pilotage service providers the general demands on pilotage service providers stated in the Pilotage Act and the Order on Pilotage Service Providers and the Obligations of Pilots also apply to DanPilot.